Soli Deo Gloria

What is Verity?

This is the home of The Verity Project. We're actually still under construction. Verity, for now, is a desktop application like Microsoft Word or Mozilla Firefox that puts the Bible at your fingertips. Now that's exciting!

Verity is aimed at those who are interested in the languages the Bible was originally written in. Verity aims to display and make accessible all the hard work that people have put into original language digital texts and dictionaries.

Why should I use Verity?

To be honest, at this point Verity's offerings over other Bible Software programs may seem thin on the ground but to name a few:

We also have planned features such as, advanced search functionality (so that those of us who can't fork out for Bibleworks or Accordance don't need to), a web interface for you to use verity on your tablet PC or anywhere you have internet access, installable modules to add new translations or dictionaries.

Why "Verity"?

Verity is a rarely used English word meaning "Truth" and that's what the Bible is: the Truth. Psalm 119:160 tells us, "The sum of your word is Truth, and every one of your righteous rules endures forever" and John 17:17 has Jesus asking God the Father to "Sanctify them in the Truth, your word is Truth"

System Requirements

We don't really know but we can tell you that whether you have Linux or Windows we can help you. If you have a Mac, you can help us (we need you to compile for us if you know what that means)!